The April Round-Up

Don't get me wrong, I've done a lot of things this month (as per) but the Science March was definitely one of the highlights of April.

I didn't expect it to be a massive march, I designed a very easy sign (which my friend kindly took  over the engineering side for me, did an excellent job and did it with more ease than I would have in three weeks, coz powertools) and turned up at South Kensington hoping for the best. Then so did another good 10,000 people with awesome signs. Okay, we didn't have the catchiest of chants (albeit the peer review one made me laugh so hard) but we had a calm, peaceful, fun march and a great rally in Parliament Square.

Any excuse for some Queen Gillian on my part, right?

Other stuff I've done this month includes having a quick jolly to Hull for work and getting to sneak in a dinner date with my best friend:

and going to Secret Cinema's Moulin Rouge and it was so great to see people dressed like this wandering in and out of a tube station:

I know Secret Cinema seems like a massive outlay (I think these tickets were around £70) but I promise that it's worth it. I spent an evening in France and the Moulin Rouge, then got to watch the film and singalong, plus dance the night away afterwards (hurray for night tubes, they're game changers for London).

I went to Edinburgh very briefly to see Public Service Broadcasting play at Usher Hall.

It was nice to be in Edinburgh and not rushing around to festival venues, I managed to go have a whole afternoon exploring the castle and drink a lot of nice craft beer (so maybe some things carry over from festival time).

At home we've been working on making our garden function for the summer. This means adding more functions than just hanging laundry out, it means tidying it up for garden furniture and growing some vegetables.

I might kill everything, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

I've been doing a fair bit of entertainment absorbing. Of course Doctor Who started, and I went to a panel at the BFI about it the week before the new series aired (more on that next week).

All the best people have pots of sonic screwdrivers

I demolished the entire S-Town podcast, and the last series of Broadchurch and binged the entire series of Girlboss in a day on Netflix ... because what else are Sundays for?! I did spare some time to have another declutter and a restock on my eBay store too. Minimalism in still making me money, hooray.

I've had a really annoying cold for the last week or so which sucked every bit of energy out of me, so there's been no bike rides for a bit. I'm hoping this week that as it tails off (and I get back on my vitamin B complex) my energy will come back and I'll be able to get back out pedalling.

I'm writing this on the Sunday evening before the month ends because this week I have left no gaps in my schedule; a meet with one of my internet friends, a trip to the theatre (twice in week coming up, burn that disposable income, missy!) a night out with work, a day at a brewery taproom and a catch up with my cousin.

Kinda thankful I get Monday off for the bank holiday!

See you next month, kids. Eurovision and convention season awaits!

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