Life Happens

When you give up big things in your life you wonder how you're ever going to fill the void that they leave behind. This is true of so many things; relationships, diet culture, social media - when they've taken up so much of your time what happens to the void left behind when they're gone? 

The answer is always the same, the void isn't left hanging there. In fact there isn't even a void, the space is instantly filled up with other things.

I've realised this is also the case with blogging. I stopped writing and the void got filled with life happening. 

Life is happening, though. At a fast pace. It's ridiculous and fun. I wouldn't want it any other way right now. I am completely happy. 

I'm sure I'll have something to write about again in the future, I just can't commit to what or when that will be. The blog stays, though. I don't want to lose my creative outlet altogether. After all, girl is always entitled to change her mind. 

I'm still somewhat active on Twitter and Instagram, you can find me there if you'd like to. Otherwise, I'll catch you later and thanks for reading. 

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